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We provide effective and fast pest control services that eliminate the problem, protecting your business or home from further harm and unnecessary distress. We offer a 24 hour emergency call out service across Northern Ireland, covering all of Greater Belfast, including Antrim, Lisburn, Carrickfergus and Bangor.

Over 30 years experience in Pest Control

At Clear Choice Pest Control, our company owner boasts over 30 years of invaluable experience in the pest control industry. Clear Choice Pest Control has been operating since 2019 and swiftly became a trusted name in providing fast and effective pest control services in Northern Ireland. Whether it's dealing with rats, mice, cockroaches, bedbugs, flies, or even the dreaded wasps nest during the summer, we are here to assist.

Our reputation is built on the promptness of our service, coupled with our unwavering expertise and commitment to confidentiality. Rest assured, we are fully insured, certified, and our technicians undergo continuous training to ensure they remain at the forefront of their field.

Why Choose Clear Choice Pest Control??

It’s simple: when it comes to pest control you need to know you’re hiring the best of the best. Rest assured, you can trust us – we’re safety conscious, we comply with all of the essential regulations in the industry, and we’re polite to boot. We’re happy to say that our reputation is what it is because of our highly experienced staff. That’s right, we don’t mess around; protecting your home or business is our top priority.

After years of hard work and customer service of the highest quality, our aim has remained the same since day one: to offer the highest quality pest control services at the most respectable price possible. All of our services are performed discreetly, safely and with complete control. We also understand that every customer requires a unique approach, so we tailor our services to you, and only you.

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Problems with mice and rats can cause distress either by sightings or the noise they create while gnawing on wood or damaging pipes or electrical cables within the property.

These pests also spread disease, as with mice they urinate and poo as they move around. The rat can spread leptospirosis through its urine! So its important that these pests are eliminated from all properties.

Clear Choice Pest Control cockroach

Crawling Insects

Crawling insects in your home or business can be a major embarassment. Don’t worry we can remove the problem effortlessly and efficiently.
There are dozens of types of crawling insects, these range from cockroaches, ants (many types), beetles (many types), bed bugs, fleas, booklice and silver fish to name but a few. These have infested many properties over the years and still do to this day.

Clear Choice Pest Control moth

Flying Insects

Flies, wasps, moths and even our beloved bees. These pests can be a problem within any household environment.
Wasp Nests and Bee nests can be unsightly and dangerous, we can quickly and safely remove them from your home.
Flies can spread disease, wasps can sting, moth larvae will damage fabrics within the household. Bees, although not considered a pest can frighten our children and sometimes some adults.

Our Services

Clear Choice Pest Control wasp nest

Domestic Pest Control

Domestic pest control is crucial for maintaining a hygienic living space.
Common pests like ants, cockroaches, and rodents can carry diseases and damage property. Regular cleaning, proper waste disposal, and sealing entry points are preventive measures. Insecticides and traps effectively address existing infestations, ensuring a safe and comfortable home environment.

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Commercial Pest Control

Commercial pest control is vital for businesses to ensure a clean and safe environment.
Common pests like rodents and insects can jeopardise health standards and damage property, impacting customer trust. Professional pest management services employ tailored strategies, preventive measures, and ongoing monitoring to safeguard commercial spaces and maintain a hygienic reputation.

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Roofspace Clearance & Sanitation

Working with our sister company, AM Insulation, Clear Choice Pest Control not only specialise in eradicating pests but also ensuring a thorough roof space clearance and sanitation process. Our expert team is equipped to handle all types of infestations, addressing nesting materials and potential breeding grounds to prevent future outbreaks. With meticulous attention to detail, we restore the safety and hygiene of your property, offering peace of mind to our valued clients.

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Initial Assessment:

Our team conducts a comprehensive inspection of the roof space to assess the extent of rodent dropping contamination.

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Cleaning & Removal:

Utilising industry-standard equipment and safety protocols, we carefully remove old rat droppings, nests, and debris from the roof space. - All waste materials are disposed of in accordance with local regulations to prevent any health hazards or environmental risks.

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Sanitisation & Disinfection:

After the removal of droppings, we thoroughly sanitise and disinfect the entire area using effective cleaning agents and techniques. - This step ensures the elimination of harmful bacteria, viruses, and odours, promoting a clean and healthy indoor environment.

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Health & Safety Measures:

Our team strictly adheres to safety guidelines and regulations throughout the cleaning process to minimize risks of harmful bacteria, viruses, and odours, promoting a clean and healthy indoor environment.

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  • Removal of old rat droppings improves indoor air quality and reduces the risk of respiratory issues.
  • Sanitisation and disinfection create a hygienic living environment, free from harmful bacteria and allergens.

With Clear Choice Pest Control, in association with AM Insulation, you can trust that your roof space will be thoroughly cleaned, sanitised, and protected against future rodent intrusions.


Ciara Starrett

Excellent service - I called Davy that morning and he was with me at lunchtime. Very reassuring and had my entire house treated within an hour. Really made me feel at ease when I was completely freaking out. Would thoroughly recommend to anyone seeking pest control services.

James Warburton

Davy is a great fella. Came to our house promptly and took care of wasp nest with ease. Have used him multiple times and excellent service every time. Highly recommend.

Laura Durkin

We were concerned about a potential wasp nest near our house as we noticed a lot of them hovering nearby, and called Clear Choice Pest Control straight away - so glad we did!
Davy was out the next day and had the nest taken care of in a matter of minutes - really professional, friendly and efficient. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this company!

Emma McCully

Had noticed signs of a wasp nest, researched and I thought I could treat it myself. Once I saw the size of the nest I realised I needed to contact a professional. David came out in less than 24 hours, treated it professionally and was very reassuring. He took the waste away with him. Thanks David!

Kyle Reid

Prompt, meticulous and professional service. Many thanks for helping mum and dad at short notice so close to the Christmas break. Many thanks, Kyle

Melissa Scott

David was the only person (out of 10+ people we called, including our local council) who was able to help with a bees nest in the chimney. Everyone advised that they needed to be dealt with from the roof (at an insane price tag) but he was able to deal with them from the fireplace. He was really responsive and went over and above to follow up. I couldn't recommend him enough - thank you!

Janice Briggs

Great service from David. He was with me the very next day and sorted out the wasp nest very quickly - even though it was high up and in an awkward spot. Lovely guy to deal with and a very professional service. Would highly recommend.

Rachel Chiu

Contacted 2 pest control firms, to remove wasp nest in the roof with ivy growing up the side, both said we would need to remove ivy before they would treat the nest, and scaffold was mentioned as it was a Victorian high roof. So who is going to cut it back whilst there are wasps flying back and forth?

I called Davey, who called me back, said he would clear ivy and sort out wasps, he came out on Friday as he said, to look, and then arrive Tuesday morning as agreed and has cleared the ivy right back and treated the wasp nest! Good communication. Thank you Davey!

Diane Moore

I only discovered a wasp nest this morning & called David, he was very, helpful, professional & polite, came within the hour, & dealt with the wasp nest very quickly.
Excellent service.

Rab McVeigh

Discovered a honey bee nest in our chimney. Called Davy, who came out on Sunday and sorted it there and then. Extremely friendly and professional, would highly recommend. Thanks again for all your help and advice, it was very much appreciated.

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Pest Control in Northern Ireland

24 hour emergency call out service across Northern Ireland, covering all of Greater Belfast, including Antrim, Lisburn, Carrickfergus and Bangor.